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Policies - Client Health and Safety

Our clients can read this is an introduction to Health and Safety.

Accidents can and will happen anywhere and at any time, no matter where you are. Some dangers are clearly obvious and you can take steps to avoid them, however, others are not so obvious so caution must be exercised at all times. The information below is a guide to your general safety.

We take safety very seriously and will ensure as safe an environment as possible.

For instance, do you know?
- What to do if there is a fire?
- Understand the fire regulations?
- How to raise the alarm?
- Where is the assembly point?
- What the alarm sounds like?
- Who is your fire marshal?
- Where the fire exits are?

Ensure fire doors are closed and free from obstruction. Find out and obey the smoking policy – do not create a fire hazard by carelessly discarding cigarette ends.

First Aid
Make sure you know about the first Aid arrangements:
- Get to know the names of the first aiders on site
- Find out where the First Aid kit is kept
- Report any injury, however small/slight and ensure it is accurately recorded in the accident book, with a complete detailed account of the part of the body that has suffered injury and the exact location of the injury/wound and also the treatment received.

Remember, electricity can kill or cause severe burns. Always treat electricity with care and respect. Never attempt to do any DIY unless you are a trained and qualified electrician – don’t play with anything you don’t understand.

Make sure you
- Understand the instructions before using any electrical equipment or appliance.
- Always switch off at the mains before connecting or disconnecting any electrical equipment or appliance.
- Report any damaged cable or electrical equipment, including cables and extension leads.

Visual Display Units (VDU’s)
VDU’s play an every increasing role in all sorts of businesses and environments. At the moment, there is no evidence to suggest that they can cause you harm provided that you:
- Are adequately trained how to use the equipment
- Adjust your chair properly and pay attention to your posture
- Use a footrest and a document holder, if you need them.
- Make sure you take the correct breaks away from the VDU.
- Ensure your eyes are tested properly and regularly

You must report any problems with your eyes or any aches or pains in your wrists or neck.

To help prevent accidents, the following should be observed:
- Do not leave things lying about – ensure walkways are kept clear.
- Clean up spills / wet patches on the floor straight away.
- Always ensure drawers are closed – they can cause a hazard to passers by.

Poor hygiene can make you and others ill. Always ensure you:
- Wash your hands, scrubbing well with soap and water or a suitable cleaner.
- Dry your hands thoroughly with the towels or driers provided.

Remember your responsibilities
Safety is everyone’s responsibility with each of us having responsibility not only for our own safety but the safety of others as well – remember by law you must not interfere with or misuse anything provided for safety. Always obey the safety rules. Report anything that you consider dangerous or a hazard and that includes damaged or faulty equipment. Remember, you can never make a mistake when reporting anything suspicious that could represent a danger or a hazard but you could make a serious mistake if you do not report such suspicions.

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