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Policies - Disability

Our disability policy complements the equal opportunities policy, which deals with disability in more general terms.

Open Door Training will:

  • implement fair procedures in recruitment, training, promotion, transfer and terms and conditions of employment;
  • ensure people with disabilities are offered the reasonable support they need;
  • ensure people with disabilities are provided with all reasonable equipment and facilities to continue their employment;
  • make reasonable adjustments to working arrangements or the physical features of premises where they cause disadvantage for a person with a disability;
  • provide a safe working environment for people with disabilities;
  • ensure that disability will not be used as a criterion for redundancy.

We will ensure vacancies will be open to suitably qualified people with disabilities and guarantee to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a vacancy.

Employees with a disability will have access to training and development opportunities. We will endeavour to make sure all employees are made aware of our policy on the employment of people with disabilities.

The duties and working conditions of employees with disabilities will be reviewed each year. If a person with a disability is unable to continue to carry out his/her existing duties every effort will be given to making reasonable adjustments, including alternative employment.

Monitoring will be used to measure the success of this policy and to review its progress.

We will consult with employees with disabilities at least once a year about their employment needs to ensure they can develop and use their abilities at work.

Any employee or job applicant who considers that he/she has been treated unfairly or discriminated against on the grounds of his/her disability should raise the matter through the grievance procedure.

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