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Policies - Child/Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

Open Door Training Ltd has a professional duty to provide children and vulnerable adults with appropriate safety and protection. As the welfare of the child/vulnerable adult is paramount, we are committed to providing safe equipment and facilities so that children/vulnerable adults may participate in our courses/programmes in a secure environment. Additionally, we promote ethical behaviour, providing children/vulnerable adults with a sense of being valued. On this basis we aim to ensure safe recruitment practices are always followed, to establish the suitability of personnel to work with children and/or vulnerable adults.

In order to provide safety, protection and security to children/vulnerable adults throughout our operations, we will adhere to our child/vulnerable adult protection policy/statement and aim to:

  • Protect all children and vulnerable adults from abuse, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, ethnic origin, religious beliefs or sexuality
  • Raise awareness of child and vulnerable adult protection issues and promote good practice
  • Conduct risk assessments to minimise potential hazards to children’s and vulnerable adults’ welfare
  • Provide support to clients who have been abused and act proactively by preventing any similar incidents through risk assessment
  • Ensure all personnel fully understand their responsibilities and are provided with the appropriate training/regular updates of the legislation

In achieving our policy aims and being proactive, we have developed procedures related to the recruitment of personnel and how allegations of child/vulnerable adult abuse should be dealt with. In light of this, we implement safe recruitment practices, in checking the suitability of personnel to work with children and vulnerable adults.

Open Door Training Ltd’s Child/Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer is also responsible for conducting any investigation and demonstrating the results if the abuse is suspected to be committed by a member of staff. Throughout this procedure, records will be maintained and kept securely and confidentially, separately from the clients files.

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